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Whether pavement preservation, rehabilitation or reconstruction, we offer cost-effective treatments to your existing roadway system

and its appurtenance.


We will help you maintain and improve the functional condition of your lot and roadways, with state of the art equipmentprocedures and customer service.

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Maintenance is mandatory to protect your investment long term, whether you are the owner of a building, manage a commercial property, or a community of home owners.


The most efficient and cost effective way to extend the life of your pavement is preventive maintenance. It addresses minor issues before they become serious with a combination of surface treatments while the asphalt is still

in good shape.  


When there is a need for repairs, we perform reactive services to correct the cracks, fill potholes or remove rutting with milling or a form of overlay. If you need immediate assistance for safety reasons, we designed temporary treatments to hold the surface together until there is time to perform permanent repairs.

Our experts at Avery Asphalt can save you from costly repairs with a maintenance program that is designed to your needs and that enables you to proactively plan ahead and prevent unforeseen surprises.

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repair and patching
Removal and Replacemen
Crack Sealing


Patching is a common form of asphalt repair and we offer the full range of repair and patching services like trench repair, full depth sawcut or skin patching. Whether the situation calls for minor drainage or elevation correction to deterioration repair and pothole patching, we provide the solution to preserve your paved surfaces.  


Removal & Replacement reflects full depth demolition and haul off of your existing asphalt and re-installation which sometimes includes replacing some of the base material as well. This is common in severely cracked areas where the existing base is unable to handle normal daily load capacities or excessive moisture and over saturation from poor drainage or underground utilities.


As asphalt ages it can become worn past the option of applying a seal coat, but not to the point of needing to be replaced.  An asphalt overlay is the process of installing 1 ½" - 2" of new asphalt on top of the existing surface. This new layer will add years to your parking lot or roadway surface without the cost of removal and replacement.


Crack sealing is your first defense against pavement deterioration offering several important benefits. It keeps water from entering and weakening the base or sub-base, helps preserve the pavement adjacent to the cracks, prevents the cracks from spreading and ultimately doubles the life of the pavement.



From creating a strong and level foundation to a full range of asphalt applications and pavement mix designs,

we provide a hands on approach that

allows us to tailor our services to

your individual needs.


Improve the quality of your paved surfaces and extend the overall lifespan.

Treating your parking lot before there is visible distress, fills micro-cracks and protects against the damaging effects of sun exposure and waterproofs the area.



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